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Upload a Build

Upload a Build

You are viewing the Apps API whose scope is limited to Apps. If you are looking for the full API spec, check the Organizations API.

The Upload Build request endpoint is intended to upload a new Build (.ipa or .apk or .aab binary files) to Applivery.


  • Method: POST
  • URL:
  • Authentication: required
  • Headers:

Authorization: bearer <your_app_token>


Param Type Description
build File .ipa or .apk or .aab binary file
versionName String Human readable version name for this build. E.g.: RC-1
tags Array Comma separated tags. E.g.: tag1, tag2, tag3
changelog String Build release notes or log of changes E.g.: Bug fixing!.
notifyCollaborators Boolean Notify App and Organization collaborators. E.g.: true
notifyEmployees Boolean Notify App and Organization employees. E.g.: true
filter Nested array of strings List of groups that will be notified with support for AND / OR clauses. Each element within the same array will be considered as AND while each array will be an OR clause. E.g.: To notify users in group1 AND group2 OR in group3 use: [["group1", "group2"],["group3"]].
notifyMessage String Notification message to send in the email. E.g.: Enjoy the App!.
notifyLanguage String "es" "en" "fr" "ge" "it" "zh" "pt" "ru" String Custom deployer display name. E.g.: Jenkins CI String Git commit message. E.g.: Fixed issue #123 String Git commit. E.g.: f52ace0 String Git branch. E.g.:develop String Git tag. E.g.: RC-1 String CI trigger date/time. E.g.: 1558359012580 String CI build URL. E.g.: https://... String CI platform URL. E.g.: https://... String Version control repository URL. E.g.: https://... String CI platform build number. E.g.: 73

Example request

curl '' \
  -X POST \
  -H 'Authorization: bearer' \
  -F [email protected]'file.ipa' \
  -F 'versionName=My awesome app version' \
  -F 'tags=tag1, tag2, tag3' \
  -F 'changelog=Bug fixing' \
  -F notifyCollaborators=false \
  -F notifyEmployees=false \
  -F 'notifyMessage=Enjoy the App' \
  -F 'notifyLanguage=en' \
  -F 'filter[0][]=group1' \
  -F 'filter[0][]=group2' \
  -F 'filter[1][]=group3' \
  -F ' CI PLatform' \
  -F ' issue 123' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F '' \
  -F ''


Content type: application/json

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