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Developers guide

Applivery Public API will help you to interact with Applivery Platform from your systems. It provides a set of methods that will allow you to get information related to your account but also upload and remove Builds.

The following guide will provide you more clarity of the minimum requirements and other useful recommendations and guidelines you have to take into consideration.

Main concepts

Now we are going to explain how to interact with Applivery API, starting from authentication and discovering all the things you’ll be able to do.

  • Applivery provides a simple but powerful JSON based REST API protected with a token-based Authentication.
  • API Base Domain: The base domain for all requests is
  • Authentication: The majority of the endpoints require authentication in order to access them. Each Applivery App has its own App Token that must be included in the request Headers. Read more about how to get your App Token.
  • Applivery requires two single HTTP Headers that should be included in all the requests:
    Content-Type: application/json
    Authorization: bearer < Your_App_Token >


When we make backwards-incompatible changes to the API, we release new, API versions. The current version is v1. Read our API changelog and to learn more about backwards compatibility.