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Debugging your App installation process

In case all the previous options failed for you, we recommend you to debug the installation process of your App. You will need the following:

  • A real Apple devices (iPhone or iPad)
  • A URB cable
  • A Mac
  • Xcode installed in your Mac

Please note that these issues can not be addressed by our technical team since we do not have access to your source code nor your Apple Developer Portal.

Step 1 - Connect your device to a Mac and Open Xcode #

Start by connecting your Apple device to your Mac. An alert might be prompted requesting you to “Trust” your computer. Click “Trust” to continue. Once done, open Xcode in your Mac and select “Window > Devices and Simulators” from the top bar menu or use the following shortcut Shift + Command + 2.

Step 2 - Open device console #

One your device has been recognized by Xcode, select it from the left side menu under the “Devices > Connected” section and then click the “Open Console” button.

Step 3 - Find the appropriate logs #

A new screen will be opened. Make sure your iOS device is selected from the left side menu and then click “Start” button at the top. The logs will start being printed in the screen.

In the top-right search box you can filter by “Process: installd” that is the name of the process responsible for the installation of Apps in your device.

Now, in your iOS device go to the Applivery App Store and start a new installation of the App. Several logs should appear, read them carefully in order to understand exactly where the installation issue is. You can click each line to get the full error log message at the very bottom of the screen.


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