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Whats the difference between MDM and MAM?

Applivery provides multiple ways to manage devices and applications.

MDM (Mobile Device Management):

MDM is focused in Device management. MDM products are deployed to enforce policies on corporate mobile devices, but they also work in BYOD environments. MDM products are becoming more flexible as options to protect personal data on devices. MDM can ensure device encryption, a strong PIN code, and device screen lock after a certain period of inactivity. IT organizations can use an MDM tool to remotely wipe a mobile device if it is lost or stolen.


MAM (Mobile App Management):
IT organizations can set policies at a more granular level with MAM than with MDM. MAM products address the shortcomings of MDM in BYOD because MAM de-emphasizes the device and focuses on the application layer.

Whats the difference between MAD and MAM?

Applivery provides several ways to manage your Apps:

Mobile App Distribution (MAD) has been designed to enable an easy way to send apps to users (employees, testers, etc) without the need of managing their devices. It requires some actions by the users to install the Apps and they can not be removed remotely while Mobile App Management (MAM) requires an enrollment process of the device to have additional control and capabilities (silent updates, app level security policies, updates policies, etc)

What is BYOD?

BYOD sets a huge productivity boost for workers and a huge challenge for IT staff. IT departments need to protect data and business applications on personal mobile devices without affecting personal data. They must also deploy devices, patches and updates and account for lost devices.

What deployment options are supported by Applivery?

Applivery is a Cloud Native SaaS platform. The main deployment option is In Cloud but it also supports On Premise and Hybrid deployment options. Contact our sales team to know more.

Where data is stored?

Our main data centers are in Europe (Ireland & Frankfurt). However, Applivery provides the possibility to choose many storage regions to store your builds (apk, aab, ipa files) and also the possibility to use your own S3 compatible storage system.

How the pricing model works?

Applivery provides two pricing options that are purchased separately but also work well together:

  • App Distribution: 4 plans that scale based on the number of Apps and Users.
  • MDM & MAM: 2 plans created for basic or advanced management needs.

If you have especial needs or additional capabilities, we also provide Enterprise plans that are customized based on your requirements. Contact our sales team to know more.

I need support! How can I contact you?

We have the best in class 24/7 support team that will be happy to help you. You can find all the existing channels that you can use to contact us here

Can I see a demo?

You can schedule a demo with our mobile experts here.

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