Fastlane Plugin

Applivery Fastlane Plugin


If you usually use Fastlane tools to automate the most common development tasks now you can start using out Fastlane Plugin to easily deploy new iOS and Android versions of your Apps to Applivery and close your development the cycle: Build, Test & deploy like a pro!

Get more context

The fastlane plugin will also help you to have more context about the build, attaching and displaying the most relevan information: Direct link to the repository(GitHub & Bitbucket), commit hash, Branch, Tag, etc:

Get a glimpse of your builds

List of builds

Deep dive on deployment details:Build details

How to start using fastlane plugin

Everything you have to do is add the Applivery Fastlane Plugin to your project by running:

We are taking for granted that your already have fastlane installed in your system. If not, follow this simple guide.

Once added, you’ll need to update your project Fastfile to configure the deployment in Applivery. A sample configuration might be:

You can always read more about the Fastlane Applivery Plugin in the GitHub repository.

Now there are no excuses! It couldn’t be more easy! Now you can focus all your efforts on the development and forget the rest!

Start building and deploying your Apps like a pro!