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Bitrise integration

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Are you looking for a simple way to automatize your development cycle?

If so, probably is the solution you need.

What it is? is a Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery system specially designed for iOS and Android native Apps, with dozens of integrations for your favourite services, one of them, of course, is Applivery! will help you automatize the whole development cycle, detecting your commit/push to your repository and launching builds with specific workflows you can customize as lego pieces to build, sign, modify and even deploy your builds automatically.

The Applivery Step for will allow you to automatically deploy new versions to you Applivery account in a very simple and fast way. You’ll also take advantage of the contextual information provided by Bitrise and also easily jump from Applivery to have a look to each build.

How it works?

First of all you have to register an account in Once done, you can start syncing your repositories and start building your Apps. uses Workflows to define what actions should be taken while building a new version of your App. By default, they will create an standard workflow according to the technology of your App.

You can place the Applivery Step at the end of your workflow so they will deploy the package of your APp to Applivery account automatically. To do so, just follow the next steps:

Step 1

Login into you account. You’ll see your existing Apps. If you still don’t have one, click + Add button to sync your Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab repository, following the instructions.

Step 2

Select the App where you want to integrate Applivery. Once inside, select the Workflow tab.

Step 3 allows yo to have multiple Workfloes for the same App. If you have more than the default one, select the one you want to integrate Applivery into. If not, you’ll see the primary workflow already selected.

In the middle of the screen you’ll see the different Steps that compose your workflow.
Scroll down and click the + button before the "Cleaning up the Virtual Machine" step.

Step 4

A modal window will be opened for you to select Applivery’s Bitrise step. Scroll down or type "applivery" in the search box.

Once found, click de "Add to Workflow" green button.

Step 5 – Get you Applivery Account Information

Now it’s time to link you App with you Applivery App. To do that, you’ll need your Applivery App ID and your Applivery Account API Key. (Read more about how to get your App Id and how to get your Account API Key)

Step 6 – Setup your Applivery account information in your Bitrise project.

We are almost done. Now it’s time to paste your Applivery credentials in

First click the "Manage Env. Vars" from the right side of the Dashboard (main screen of the workflow editor).

Click the "Add New" green button and type APPLIVERY_APP_ID in the white input form and paste your Applivery App ID in the grey one.

Now go to the left site menu of the dashboard and select the "Secret Env Vars" menu option. Click the "Add New" green button and type APPLIVERY_API_TOKEN in the white input form and paste your Applivery Account API Key in the grey one.

Step 7

And that’s it! Your and your Applivery account are now connected and your App is pointing to our Applivery App. To test if everything is working properly just go to you App and click the "Start a build" green button and let the magic happen!