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Create an Android Enterprise

An Enterprise represents the binding between Android EMM and your organization. We use an instance of it to invoke operations on behalf of your organization. This is the very first step you must follow to start using the Applivery MDM console.

Step 1

Go to the Overview section of your Applivery MDM Console, under the left side menu. Click the Start button to get started.

Step 2

Your browser will redirect you to the Google Play for Work website. You have to login using a Google Account. This account should be a personal account, not an account associated with G Suite or other managed domain accounts.

Step 3

Follow the next steps where Google will ask you about the following information:

  • Name of the company
  • Contact information for data protection:
    • Data Protection Officer: name, email address and phone number
    • EU representative: name, email address and phone number
  • Accept Managed Google Play terms & conditions

Step 4

Once finished your finished click the “Complete registration” button. Your browser will be automatically redirected back to the Applivery MDM Console where you can start configuring your Devices and Policies.