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Distributing your App

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Applivery provides several ways to distribute you App and each on them tries to solve an specific use case. The different options are:

  • Distribution Sites: the most powerful and customizable way (read more)
  • Member permissions: the standard way.
  • Email & Slack notifications: send notifications when a new version is uploaded.
  • In-App update notifications: using the Applivery SDK that will prompt updates when opening the App.

Distribution Sites:

The Distribution Sites are the most powerful way to distribute your App. Thanks to this tool, you'll be able to create fully customizable landing sites where distribute your App. Some of the features are:

  • Your own URL: or even your own domain name:
  • iOS and Android version of your app under the same URL
  • Distribute the latest available version or an specific one.
  • Customize the look & feel
  • Different security levels: public, password protected or only for members.

Are you ready to start distributing your App like a Pro? Follow the guide below to configure your Distribution Site in less than 1 minute.

Step 1

Go to your Applications (from the left side menu) and select the App you want to invite the people to. Then click on Distribution Sites.

Step 2

Click New Site button. Then type a Site Title and Site URL for your new Site.

Please note that the Site URL must be unique unless you have a Business or Enterprise account and a Custom Domain already configured in which case, please select a random URL and once created, select your Custom Domain and change the URL.

Step 3

New it's time to configure your site.

Frist, select the distribution method you want. You can choose between:

  • Public: Everyone who knows the url will be able to download your app
  • Password protected: Only those who know the password of your site can download your App.
  • Applivery users: Only those Applivery users who have been authorized to view your App will be able to download it.

Second, select the versions you want to disstribute through this Distribution Site. You can select the last available version or an specific one.

Step 4

And finally, it's time to onfigure the look and feel of your site. Enjoy all the options and configurations that we offer and make your site unique and perfect.

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