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Upload a Build

This request is intended to upload a new Build (.ipa or .apk binary files) to Applivery.


  • Authentication: Required
  • Headers: Content-Type: application/json
  • Body: form-data


Param Type Description
app String App Id. E.g.: 54e3cbc9111288426a1b5641
versionName String Human readable version name for this build. E.g.: RC-1
notes String Build release notes. E.g.: Bug fixing.
notify Boolean Notify App members and teams after upload. E.g.: true
os String Build Operative system. Choose between ios or android
tags String Comma separated tags. E.g.: tag1, tag2, tag3
package File .ipa or .apk binary file
autoremove Boolean Automatically remove the oldest build before uploading to prevent exceeding account limits. E.g.: true

CURL Request Example

curl "" \
    -X POST \
    -H "Authorization:201bb2ec3134f6401e33ae838d7fa84e20932018" \
    -F app="5529008fc34089be0d385801" \
    -F versionName="Test version name" \
    -F notes="Bug fixing" \
    -F notify="true" \
    -F os="ios" \
    -F tags="tag1,tag2,tag3" \
    -F package=@"package.ipa"

200 OK - Successful Response

    "status": true,
    "response": {
        "notes": "Version notes",
        "versionName": "RC-1",
        "version": "1.0 (1608414)",
        "info": {
            "targetSDKVersion": 21,
            "minSDKVersion": 14,
            "packageName": "",
            "versionName": "1.0 (1608414)",
            "versionCode": 2200190
        "_id": "5505ab70d7379f5b0d570de2",
        "app": "54e3cbc9111288426a1b5641",
        "size": 4283060,
        "uploadedBy": "54c512a1ec672ff12dbf9d0e",
        "so": "android",
        "modifiedBy": "54c512a1ec672ff12dbf9d0e",
        "downloadsCount": 0,
        "modified": "2015-03-15T15:55:32.161Z",
        "teams": [ ],
        "notAuthMembers": [ ],
        "authMembers": [ ],
        "tags": ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"],
        "heritageMembers": true,
        "created": "2015-03-15T15:55:32.161Z"

Error Response - Application Not Found

    "status": false,
    "error": {
        "code": 404,
        "msg": "Application Not Found"

Error Response - Bad request or invalid POST fields

    "status": false,
    "error": {
        "code": 400,
        "msg": "Bad request"